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Refuge Journal Makes Transition to Open Access


Refuge Journal is transitioning to an entirely open access electronic publication, starting with its 28.1 issue. Open access will not only make Refuge more accessible to readers from all countries and continents, but a digital publication will also be more eco-friendly and cost effective. Refuge will save on printing costs, freeing up resources that can be better used in other areas of the journal, and readers will save on subscription costs because the content will be entirely free. There will also be the option for individual readers to pay for hard copies through a print-on-demand system. If you’d like to request a hard copy, please contact us by email at

Refuge Journal,

The transition to completely open access is huge decision that should not be rushed into. Will your readership follow you to on-line only? This is influenced by the demographics of your readership and the make-up of institutions versus individuals. There are also issues of outstanding subscriptions owed (are subscription records in good order?), developing the message to subscribers and other stake holders, and making sure good communication lines are available and open if there are any questions. Becker Associates worked closely with journal management to work through all these questions.

Is your journal thinking of making the transition but don’t know the ramifications and all the things that need to be considered, please contact us. We can help with setting up Open Journal Systems or working with the Synergies Network to get your journal digitized and on-line.