About Us

Our Mission

The Becker mission is to make a lasting difference in our clients’ communities by providing effective and innovative management. Our services enable volunteers to be leaders in their community and direct resources towards achieving goals and creating strategies for a brighter, more sustainable future.

Our business model is one centred on building long-term relationships, making the most practical use of available technologies and providing ethical services. At Becker Associates, our clients get access to a world of resources, customized to their needs and budget.

Adam Becker and Christina Becker

Adam & Christina Becker

What We Do

Becker Associates is one of Canada’s oldest association management companies, focusing on education and culture, in addition to professional organizations. Since 1980, we have partnered with our clients to ensure that members are engaged, finances are managed responsibly, events are successful, and further more, missions are realized.

The core of our business is providing a full range of cutting-edge, professional services. We create component-based solutions that are tailored to particular needs of each of our clients:

Becker Associates is one of only a handful of Canadian members of the AMC Institute (ACMI), an international trade association of AMCs, in addition to being members of Canadian Society of Association Executives (CSAE).

Our greatest strengths lie in our people and our use of systems. We focus on creative and innovative technology solutions that give volunteers access to the needed information for effective decisions, but minimizing administrative staff time is equally important.  Associations do not pay high hourly rates for clerical work that can be automated. Fees reflect value-added management coupled with executive expertise.


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