After 40 years, we’ve grown with our clients by always adapting to the tides and their needs. Along the way, we have established a reputation of excellence both for long-term along with one-off projects with non-profits across Canada.

L’Atelier d’histoire de la Pointe-aux-Trembles tient à vous remercier pour l’installation de notre nouveau site WEB chez notre hébergeur. Votre expertise nous a permis de rendre notre site fonctionnel rapidement et pratiquement sans interruption. Au nom du C.A. de l’Atelier, un grand merci

-Elisabeth Gingras, présidente (lettre)

I have appreciated working with the staff at Becker Associates. The AAO has grown and blossomed with your assistance. What was a very tired association has become vibrant, with volunteers, more participation, and lots of enthusiasm.

-Mary Gladwin, Archivist, County of Oxford Archives

Becker Associates has been an integral part of the Canadian Software Testing Board for the past 6 years. They help us offer the service our members expect. We have complete trust in them.

– Gary Mogyorodi, Past President – Canadian Software Testing Board

I have been working with Adam for the past eighteen months on the ongoing conversion of our website to a Joomla platform. Our website is complex in both structure and content. I have found Adam to be essential to this conversion. He is extremely knowledgeable, very intelligent, has a high degree of creativity and is extremely responsive. I have no hesitation of recommending Adam as a partner in a project of this nature.

– John Storr, Science Teachers’ Association of Ontario

Our association wanted to build an interactive website to promote ongoing communication and collaboration amongst teachers and education professionals as well as afford numerous, diverse resources that support and build capacity…. Becker Associates had the knowledge and expertise to create our website from scratch, plus train us to manage new content and networking opportunities ourselves once the website was live.

– Byron Stevenson, OESSTA

Early Theatre has been extremely pleased with Becker Associates’ work, service, and professionalism, and we feel it makes most sense to consolidate our relationship with them.
– Dr H. M. Ostovich — Founding Editor, Early Theatre

Thanks for having such an efficient, professional, and courteous production team—this has been a very positive experience!

– Author, Early Theatre

I just wanted to thank you and your team for the excellent seminar this morning. The material was presented very clearly, with appropriate opportunities for discussion, and the topics covered seemed very relevant.

– S.B., Becker Board Development Workshop attendee

Becker Associates developed an online article purchasing system for the Canadian Art Therapy Journal. Adam Becker was very knowledgeable about what was required and responded to all our questions in an easy-to-understand manner. The new system has expanded the journal’s visibility in indexing services and search engines and is very user friendly for visitors to look for articles by any number of parameters.

– Mehdi Naimi, Canadian Art Therapy Association

Since bringing Becker Associates on board there has been an overwhelming improvement to our financial state, more cohesiveness and greater accountability in our Board processes and procedures, and an overall increase in efficiency of tasks.

-Heather McCafferty-Leger, Past President of the Archives Association of Ontario

Christina facilitated a weekend retreat for our board and staff. We were particularly impressed with her plans for the event. She was very well prepared and had acquired significant knowledge about the Folk Society and its membership prior to the planning session. She also demonstrated a strong awareness about matters pertinent to artistic organizations. During our Strategic planning session, Christina’s strong communication skills were evident. She facilitated the discussion with tact and sensitivity, ensuring that everyone was involved and that all opinions were heard and respected. Her enthusiasm for the Strategic Planning process inspired and motivated the participants. She was a joy to work with.

– Barbara Scott, Past President of the Georgian Bay Folk Society

How awesome the online registration process is for trade, book and resource. WOW… What a difference from the manual process. It has highly cut down on the amount of correspondence on my end. It’s great to be able to print the registrations with all the vendors’ information. Much easier to keep track of things and the forms are even numbered in the order of registration! Adam and I worked on these pages for quite a long time and I am very happy with the final product!!!

– Cory Hogan, OFSHEEA

The workshop was excellent. The good news is that I think we are already about 90% there in terms of what we should be doing. For the remaining 10%, I have a checklist that we can work through as well as a bunch of good ideas.

– Jim Montgomery, Past Treasurer of the Ontario Archeological Society

Fantastic job with the conference online registration! I just registered and it was so easy to use and very thorough. Thanks for the excellent work, everything looks great.

– Conference registrant

I just registered for my first AAO event and membership — it was very pleasantly clear and easy.

– Sandra B.

Thank you for your time and efforts in assisting our charitable organization in our fundraising in support of our charity’s mission. Your organization’s dedication, diligence, experience and professionalism was instrumental in enabling us to surpass our target goals. We appreciate your tireless efforts and enjoyed working with you.

– Jonathan Kerr, Mise En Forme Services Généraux de Subventions D’études

The AAO would not be in the position it is today without the staff at Becker Associates. I have personally benefited from their knowledge, guidance, and support over the past year and working with them made my experience as president an educational one. With the support of Becker Associates I was able to accomplish my goals for the year.

– Sarah Ferencz, Past President of the Archives Association of Ontario

Beckers Associates provides constant quality services that have proven to be essential for our nonprofit organization.

– Shawn Hughes, Past President, Ontario Association for Geographic and Environmental Educators