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Becker Associates provides full secretariat services to local, provincial and national not-for-profit bodies. Many of our clients have membership or subscription lists that are less than a thousand. This scale of operation makes it prohibitive for an association to maintain its own office. Even with a volunteer or student workforce, operating and equipment costs may be too high and the quality of the results may be low.

Our office dramatically reduces the association’s operating costs. By sharing space, office equipment, software resources and experienced personnel who are on duty all day every day association directors may concentrate on policy and direction, knowing that their administration is in good hands.

Some of the services we provide are:

  • Membership and subscriber database management
  • Fee collection & subscription renewals and sales
  • Banking and accounting services
  • Secretariat and Recording secretary services at all meetings
  • Conference registrations and enrollment statistics
  • Promotion publications design and production and mailings
  • Back list order fulfillment
  • Printing & distributing
  • Membership directories
  • List and address label production
  • Mailings services
  • Storage and inventory control of back issues
  • Experienced assistance to applicants to SSHRC grants and various postal subsidy programs
  • Tracking papers through a learned journal jury process
  • Responding knowledgeably to requests to reprint or use copyright excerpts
  • Managing sales of leases of copyright material to other publishers [CD-ROM anthologies, reprints, etc.]
  • Completing annual reports to Charities Branch, SSHRC, various incorporation bureaus and Stats Canada

Many of our clients are directly involved with colleges and universities. We have a complete, up-to-date database of all Canadian post-secondary educational institutions which is available for membership, journal and book promotion purposes. We also have a listing of academic courses and departments in all Canadian colleges and universities. When joined with the institutional database we can prepare a focused, direct mailing list to post-secondary departments and disciplines across the country.

Find out how we can help your association.

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