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Becker Associates

The Becker mission is to make a lasting difference in our clients’ communities by providing effective and innovative management. Our services enable volunteers to be leaders in their community and direct resources towards long-term goals and strategies.

Latest from Becker

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The Difference between Governance and Management

Many non-profit Boards of Directors are working boards. They must attend to the functions of governance and management. Sometimes the distinction between the two gets lost. One way to think about the difference is to […]

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New CASL Management System For Becker Clients

With the strict new Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL) coming into effect on July 1st, the staff at Becker thought we would take the stress of yet another administrative task off of your shoulders. Adam Becker […]


New Book Published

Becker Associates has just published a new title: Romain Gary: L’impossible dérobade (ISBN : 978-0-919387-61-4) by Benoit Desmarais. The book Lecture de l’oeuvre de Romain Gary autour des thèmes de la clandestinité, du “coming out” de Roman […]