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Board Development Workshops Now an Ongoing Event!


After two very successful test pilots this year, we’ve decided to turn Christina Becker’s Board Development Workshop into a regular event!

The next one will be held in Toronto on October 19th in Toronto at CSI Annex!

You will learn

• The concept of fiduciary responsibility

• The roles and responsibilities of directors

• Various governance models

• How to evaluate your board’s effectiveness

• How to keep your board diverse

• What the impacts of new Ontario laws for non-profits are

• Key issues to watch for to ensure your association’s continued well-being

• Being Great . . . the top 10 best practices of being on a non-profit board of directors

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For a taste of the kind of discussion you will be engaged in, read Christina’s blog post “Best Practices: What makes a Board of Directors great?”

CJ - Laugh

The workshop was excellent. The good news is that I think we are already about 90% there in terms of what we should be doing. For the remaining 10%, I have a checklist that we can work through as well as a bunch of good ideas.

– Jim Montgomery, Treasurer of the Ontario Archeological Society


I just wanted to thank you and your team for the excellent seminar this morning. The material was presented very clearly, with appropriate opportunities for discussion, and the topics covered seemed very relevant.

– S.B., Becker Board Development Workshop attendee

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